Mission Statement

The mission of the Council is to promote stewardship and conservation of watershed, working landscapes, and natural, human, historic and cultural resources, and to stimulate economic opportunities.  For more information regarding the CSRC&D, click here.

Programs and Partnerships

CSRC&D is an active partner in various programs and partners.  One of its partnerships is with the Stewardship through Education (STE) program, which provides curriculum and field trips to schools throughout the region.  For more information about CSRC&D programs and partnerships, click here.

Small Meat Producer Resource
Natural Resource Conservation
Economic Development

Protect and restore watersheds.

Reduce the risk of fire in the wildland/urban interface.

Promote sustained use and management of forest land, grazing land, and crop land resources.

Maintain an efficient nonprofit corporation with community access to promote member organization activities.

Maintain balance of environmental, cultural resources, and community development.

Stimulate natural resource based tourism, recreation, and economic viability of area communities.

About Us

Area Plan Goals